2007 -

You chose me to be your mum that day 9 years ago when I decided the time was right to experience owning a dog. You ran over to me, pushing past the other dogs.

Your big brown eyes looked up at me and you snuggled into my neck I just knew you were the my baby girl and instantly fell in love with you.

Over the years you showed me unconditional love and the feeling was mutual my baby girl. I had never experienced that in my life.

You made myself and you papi so happy, chuckle with your little barks. Running around chasing your tail then flop on the floor out of breath but still give that cheeky little look at us both you enjoyed it as much as we did 🙂

Sadly last year you took ill and found that heart of yours was damaged and growing bigger and bigger each day.

Tablets controlled things for a while but then your back legs did not work, your kidneys started to fail and you began to loose your eyesight.

The hardest decision of our life had to be made as your quality of life was poor. As responsible parents we decided to let you sleep and not be in pain. Although our hearts felt like they had been ripped out and the feeling of numbness. You looked so peaceful laying there and once again had that healthy appearance when I wrapped you up and said goodbye.

We promised to take you to be where you were born in Mallorca and Son Batlet was just the perfect place to lay you to rest.

I hope one day we will be together again , miss you so much and you will forever be in our heart xoxoxo

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